Facing The Dreaded Bottle Rejection

Do you have a little one who just won’t take a bottle? Was your baby fine with a bottle at one point, and then suddenly stopped? Does your baby fuss and cry with every bottle feed? Thankfully, it’s completely normal – but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating! Here are some tried and trueRead more

Month 6 Top Five

The theme of month 6 is baby-on-the-move! He’s so much more active now (crawling, standing, rolling, sitting), and that’s increasing his appetite too! My favorite things from the last month all involve eating and playing. 1. EzPz Placemat We have been doing a modified version of baby-led weaning since 6 months, so we needed aRead more

Month 5 Top Five

  This has been an exciting time in our family! Roman is growing and mastering skills daily! Here are my top 5 picks from this last month.   Wrap carrier by Keababies ($24.95) We’ve been using a fabric wrap carrier since Roman was a few weeks old, but now that he’s bigger I tend toRead more

5 Tips For Picky Eaters

Let’s be real – not everyone’s kid eats great. My older son was a terrible eater. He survived on pizza, chicken nuggets, and cheese sandwiches for much of preschool. He starved himself instead of eating the school-provided meals. He refused real vegetables but loved those baby food pouches. He hated anything with spice and thrivedRead more

Month 4 Top Five

Here are my favorite products for Month #4!   Stroller fan We ordered a stroller fan on Amazon, and Roman loves it! It has been pretty hot here this summer, and poor Roman gets very hot and sweaty in his car seat. The fan has been a life saver. Roman enjoys talking to it andRead more

Ten Things I Wish A Veteran Mom Had Told Me About Breastfeeding

  Let’s face it – breastfeeding is natural, breast is in fact best, and it has countless benefits to both you and baby – but it’s also a giant pain-in-the-butt (or should I say, chest area). Here are the top ten facts that I wish I had known when I first started my breastfeeding journey.Read more

Month 3 Top Five

  Here are my top picks for the third month of mommyhood! Bouncer chair This was something I had purchased with Logan that I didn’t think I would need with Roman, but I forgot how easy it is to move from room to room so he can watch while I do things. He always criesRead more

What’s In A Name?

  So, what’s the deal with the name “Roman Mateo”? As I’ve mentioned before, my journey to choosing Logan’s name was pretty boring. His dad and I searched through baby name books, discussed lots of possibilities, realized our ability to agree on a name was just as difficult as agreeing on literally anything else inRead more

God Is With Us

  The other day Logan randomly came to me and happily recalled how when his grandparents took him to church a while ago, he learned that God is all around us and that he is always with us. I was extremely pleased to hear that he takes to heart what he hears in church, andRead more