33 Week Bumpdate: In With The New

  Week 33 has been about trying new things.   For one, my Zofran pump, the device that has allowed me to keep down food and liquid for the last 4 months, decided to stop working suddenly. After a very bad 48 hours of nonstop sickness and fighting with a malfunctioning pump, my home healthRead more

32 Week Bumpdate: Ice Ice…Baby

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing a lot of remarks along the lines of “Wow, your pregnancy went by fast!” While it may feel that way to everyone else, each day of this pregnancy has felt like an eternity. My day-to-day life lacks variety: I wake up, feel sick, say goodbye to Logan,Read more

31 Week Bumpdate: What Is Sleep?

They say that you won’t sleep once the baby arrives and to try to conserve energy and rest during the pregnancy. Every woman that has ever been pregnant knows this is the furthest from the truth as you can get, because face it, sleeping in the third trimester is on the same level of difficultyRead more